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4 Easy Ways to Boost Your Immunity

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All Systems Go: Strengthening Your Immune System

As you get back into daily school and work routines this fall, it’s a good time to hit the “reset” button on your self-care. Taking just a few small steps to help strengthen your immune system can go a long way to keep you healthy and happy, especially as cold and flu season start soon, too.

If you feel under the weather this fall, know that we’re always close by. Our locations are open seven days a week to serve you and your family.

4 Steps to Boost Your Immunity

Your immune system works hard to help your body ward off sickness and fight infections and diseases. While many things can affect how it works, a healthy lifestyle can help. It’s important to:

  • Get eight hours of sleep a night: Getting enough sleep ensures your immune system functions well.
  • Find time for exercise: We recommend at least 150 minutes a week of moderate physical activity, such as brisk walking.
  • Limit your alcohol intake: Drinking too much alcohol (or smoking) can make your body less effective at fighting disease. Curbing or quitting those habits can have a powerful impact on your overall health.
  • Work to keep a healthy weight: Excess weight can affect how your body functions, and obesity has been linked to weakened immune functioning.

Immunity Pro-Tip: Reach for the Rainbow

It’s also important to get a good variety of essential vitamins and minerals in your body regularly to support your immune system. Much of what you need can come from plenty of fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and grains. Here are some colorful foods to reach for that are packed with immune-boosting vitamins:

  • Green: Leafy green vegetables like spinach and kale offer a variety of vitamins important for immune function.
  • Orange: Carrots, sweet potatoes and butternut squash are good sources of vitamin A.
  • Red: Strawberries, watermelon and red bell peppers provide delicious doses of vitamin C.
  • Yellow: Peanuts, almonds and sunflower seeds are rich in vitamin E.

Of course, even with a healthy lifestyle, you can still catch occasional colds and bugs. But when that happens, we’re here to help with rapid strep, flu and COVID-19 tests and the care you and your family need to feel better.

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