Returning Your Employees to Whole Health

Experienced Workers' Compensation Doctors

Our board-certified physicians and clinical teams experienced in occupational medicine are available 365 days a year. We have dozens of facilities, allowing patients convenient access to our expert workers' compensation doctors.

At AdventHealth Centra Care, we use an electronic health record, which makes health history readily available for any treating physician in our system. Additionally, required work status information and notes are available immediately through our online employer portal, so you never have to guess about treatment and return-to-work status after an injury at work. The workers’ compensation adjuster or case manager may also be given access to this information with proper approval. If portal access is not used, our Business Health Service team will automatically send a copy of notes, work-status report, and referrals to the adjuster or case manager on the file.

Trusted Convenience and Compliance

Our primary goal at Centra Care is to return your employee to whole health — and to work — as quickly as possible after an injury at work. Our physicians are skilled in managing all types of work-related injuries and illnesses, using evidence-based practices proven to improve outcomes and reduce time away from work.

Many of our Centra Care facilities can dispense prescription medications at the time of the visit, saving time and improving compliance with treatment plans.

Online Reservation

We also offer an online reservation program that makes it convenient to schedule an appointment for your employees at any of our locations. The online reservation program ensures minimal wait times, allowing injured employees to receive care sooner and return to work quickly. If you prefer, walk-ins are welcome anytime.