Business Health Services

Exposure Hotline

Centra Care’s Exposure Hotline (a URAC award recepient) offers counseling to employees who sustain an occupational exposure to blood or body fluids, communicable or environmental exposure. The Exposure Hotline is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week by professional nurses trained in occupational exposures. The program follows the compliance guidelines of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and OSHA standards and regulations. The Hotline nurses provide immediate risk assessment through triage, using the CDC guidelines, for diseases involving blood-borne pathogen exposures. They offer counseling, including emotional support, and immediate referral to appropriate health care providers. The Hotline nurse obtains source information, when available, and includes it in the Exposure report that is sent to the treating physician. In particular circumstances, occupational physicians are available to document the medical need for obtaining a court order for source testing, when other attempts have been unsuccessful.

In addition, the Hotline staff has expertise in advising employees exposed to communicable diseases such as TB & Meningitis. They also have immediate access to medical advice from on-call occupational medicine physicians for unusual environmental exposures or bio-terrorism issues.

The Exposure Hotline Service is a URAC accredited medical call center. Question & Answers feedback from our nurses is returned to the call center nurse educator & QA coordinator on every Exposure report. Our nurses are on-call 24/7 as a resource for the call center staff.

Integrated Disability Services

Centra Care offers a seamless integration of disability management by functioning as the liaison between the corporate client, the health care provider, and the employee. Our Medical Director reviews applicant files to initially certify (or recommend modification of) the disability status (Short Term Disability). We arrange for employees who have permanent total disability status to access independent medical examiners, in order to determine eligibility for Long Term Disability/Pension Benefits. Our Medical Director reviews the employee file periodically to certify the continuing Long Term Disability or to authorize an independent medical exam to verify, as appropriate.

Criteria for this process are predetermined by the client’s benefits process. Enhanced by a single point of contact, all issues between the client, health care provider, and the employee are confidentially managed with expertise and compassion by a Centra Care nurse, who is also experienced as a workers’ compensation adjuster. This process assists in maintaining the integrity of the employer/employee relationship in light of job related injuries and disabilities.