Why Should You Do Alcohol and Drug Tests?

According to the Department of Labor, an estimated 3.1% of employed adults used illicit drugs before reporting to work or during work hours at least once in the past year, with about 2.9% working while under the influence of an illicit drug. An estimated 1.8% of employed adults consumed alcohol before coming to work, and 7.1% drank alcohol during the workday.

Centra Care can help you promote safety by offering comprehensive drug and alcohol testing services, including pre-employment drug tests, that meet all Drug-Free Workplace and Department of Transportation requirements. Additionally, we offer policy development, supervisor training, employee education, DOT consortium services, random drug test program management, Medical Review Officer services with electronic reporting and onsite collections.

Centra Care’s Medical Review Officer (MRO) Services ensure that the rights of the employee and employer are protected through the drug testing process.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Services