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Helping You Fend Off the Flu

Publicly available evidence about COVID-19 vaccines illustrate their safety and effectiveness.

Your Best Shot Against Influenza

In October, cooler weather is a breath of fresh air — and the right environment for the flu virus to spread. Flu cases often increase in October and peak between December and February, so now's the time to get your flu shot.

The flu shot is recommended for everyone — especially critical for young children, pregnant women, adults over 65 and those with chronic conditions — and is the most effective way to protect yourself from the virus. If you're worried that you or a family member already has the flu, our team at your local Centra Care is ready to take care of you.

If I'm Staying Safe, Do I Still Need the Flu Shot?

With the safety steps you're taking to protect against COVID-19 — like frequent hand-washing and wearing a mask where required in public — you're limiting the spread of viruses, but it still matters to get your flu shot.

The vaccine is updated each year to protect against the kinds of flu you're most likely to encounter. Also, skipping this year could mean getting respiratory flu symptoms that can lead to serious complications if you also get COVID-19. Right now, it's especially important to avoid the flu with COVID-19 so active in our communities.

If You're Facing the Flu, We're Here for You

Visit us at any time this flu season or make your online reservation today. We'll respond with care — and with results in minutes.

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