Taking Care of Your Spine

A woman experiences lower back pain during a run.
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Your spine is one of the most important parts of your body for many reasons. You are able to bend and twist because of your spine. Your spinal cord has nerves that send electrical impulses to the brain and other areas of the body. An unhealthy spine deteriorates your life significantly. If you injure your spine, it will affect your mobility.

Now that you know how much your life is dependent on the health of your spine, here is how to look after it.

Get your spine some proper rest

Lying down flat on your back is not enough; you should be lying down on a mattress and a pillow that is good for your back. Not all mattresses are the same, and everyone has their own preferences. Find one that is most comfortable for your back. It should support your spine and your sleeping positions.

Exercise your core and back

Building strong abdominal muscles improves your balance as your core is able to take some of the pressure off your spine by supporting part of your body weight. Strengthening your abdomen also helps prevent back injuries and helps in realigning your spine.

Most back pain is caused by weak abdominal muscles. Your abs serve as the front anchor of your spine and when they are weak, your back muscles are under more pressure, making it susceptible to injuries and muscle strain.

If you suffer from backaches often, you can assist the healing by stretching your body regularly, keeping your weight in check, and ensuring you’re getting enough sleep.

Wear the right shoes

Not wearing the right shoes puts pressure on your spine. The strength of your lower back is impacted by the types of shoes you wear. Your shoes should be well-cushioned and provide you with a supportive base that helps with the alignment of your spine. The back of your heel should fit snugly into your shoe, but not too tight.

Get a massage often

Massage has numerous therapeutic benefits. In response to a massage, your body releases endorphins which can help reduce pain that you may be experiencing. Massages are actually a healthier alternative to any painkillers you may be using to help with back pain. Massages also regulate blood flow, increasing oxygen levels to all muscles. If you are not able to get regular massages, you can invest in a massage chair which won’t be as effective, but you will still get some of the benefits from it.

Don’t sit for long hours

Even though most office jobs require you to sit in front of a computer for long hours, you should know that sitting increases the load on your spine by three times. By sitting for long hours, you are damaging your spinal disks and are most likely going to develop a long-term back condition. To make it worse, we tend to slouch or lean forward when sitting on a desk. This bad posture, stresses our spinal disks even more. If your job requires you to sit for long hours, you need to take frequent breaks, where you stand up and walk a little. For those who don’t have the option of walking, they should stand every hour or so and do some stretches.

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