Walk-In Centers or Centra Care: Clinically Dedicated

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Whether it’s an anti-allergy shot or a fractured bone, you can’t always trot off to a crowded emergency room. In fact, what you’re probably looking for is a walk-in clinic that’s not only conveniently located, but one that takes good care of you: medically and financially.

In the rapidly growing healthcare industry, Florida based Centra Care is a reputable name that is committed to providing quality urgent care as an affordable alternate to the emergency room. All of the Centra Care physicians are board-certified and well trained adult and pediatric practitioners. Centra Care’s walk-in centers are your best stop for solutions any day of the week for most non-life-threatening medical conditions.

The last thing anyone wants is to come down with a common cold or an ENT infection. From food allergies to asthma attacks, contagious diseases to rashes, these illnesses need to be taken care of quickly. Doctors at Centra Care centers are well trained to diagnose and treat conditions such as the cold and flu, allergies, broken bones and more.

Centra Care centers are also equipped with on-site x-rays to identify fractures and orthopedic conditions. The labs on-site are used for performing a number of wellness exams such as sports and school physicals, and immunizations. To further assist patients, each Centra Care clinic has its own medication dispensary, that way you don’t even have to leave to fill your prescription.

Keeping up-to-date with the latest trends in the digital world, reservations and billing payments can be made via the Centra Care website.

Centra Care centers are spread over 40 locations in Central Florida, Tampa Bay, Volusia County, and Kansas.

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