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Specialized Physical Exams on Your Schedule

When you need a physical exam, there's no need to wait. At our AdventHealth Centra Care urgent care clinics we have morning, evening and weekend hours to fit your schedule. You can walk right in or make a reservation and let us know you're heading our way.

For more than four decades, our Centra Care clinics have been your trusted providers for urgent and walk-in health care.

Centra Care Specialized Physical Exam Services

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  • School Physicals

    Some states require school districts to assess the health of their students annually. Our Centra Care clinicians ensure that getting these routine physical exams is an easy, simple step during the hectic back-to-school season.

  • Department of Transportation Physicals

    A Department of Transportation (DOT) physical exam verifies if you are healthy enough to operate commercial vehicles of five tons or more. It is an important part of keeping our roads safe.

  • Sports Physicals

    Sports physicals are an important part of registering for participation in a new season of your favorite game. Getting checked over before you begin a regular athletic practice to make sure you’re healthy and ready is not only best practice but also often required.

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Find a Location for Your Next Specialized Physical Exam

We’re open seven days a week, so you can get the specialized physical exam you need on your schedule. With locations in Central Florida, Tampa, Kansas and North Carolina, you’ll find a Centra Care urgent care location close to home.

Other Centra Care Services

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  • Immunizations

    Whether for school, travel or flu season, we offer immunizations to get you on your way faster. Walk-ins are always welcome.

  • Flu Shots

    Getting an annual flu shot is always a good idea. And we offer $30 flu shots (without insurance) to get you on your way faster. Walk-ins are always welcome.

  • Allergy Treatments

    Our Centra Care urgent care providers can determine what is causing an allergic reaction and build a realistic treatment plan. Most allergic reactions can be treated with medication, but it is always best to consult a health care provider.

Physical Exam FAQs

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  • Question: What happens during a physical exam?


    A physical exam is a comprehensive evaluation of your overall health and well-being. It is typically performed by a health care provider, such as a doctor, nurse practitioner or certified physician assistant. The specific components of a physical exam vary depending on the patient's age, gender, medical history and the reason for the exam.

    A standard physical exam often includes the following:

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    • Medical history
    • Checking vital signs
    • Head and neck examination
    • Chest and respiratory examination
    • Cardiovascular examination
    • Abdominal examination
    • Musculoskeletal examination
    • Neurological examination

    Depending on the patient’s symptoms and medical history, your provider may order additional tests, such as blood tests, imaging like X-rays or ultrasounds, or other specialized examinations.

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  • Question: How long does a physical take?


    The time you’ll spend at our clinic varies depending on your age, health status, and why you’re seeking the physical. Generally, a routine physical exam takes 30 minutes to an hour. However, it can be shorter for younger, healthier individuals and longer for older adults or those with complex medical histories. Discussions, questions and the need for additional tests or specialized examinations may also impact the length of the exam.

  • Question: How much does a physical exam cost?


    The cost of a physical exam can vary widely depending on several factors, including:

    • Geography: The cost of physical exams can vary significantly from one region to another
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    • Type of Exam: The type of physical exam you need can affect the cost
    • Insurance: If you have health insurance, your plan may cover some or all of the cost of a routine annual physical exam
    • Additional Tests: If your provider orders additional tests like blood work or imaging studies, these add to the overall cost
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  • Question: What are the benefits of getting a physical exam?


    Getting a physical exam offers several benefits to your health, including:

    • Early detection of potential issues, often before symptoms become severe, enables more effective treatment and better outcomes
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    • Preventive care measures like vaccinations and screenings can be recommended to reduce your risk of illness
    • Establish a health baseline, helping providers monitor changes over time and manage chronic conditions effectively
    • Opportunity for health education, fostering better lifestyle choices and stress management
    • Compliance with screening guidelines and insurance benefits can make these check-ups not only health-conscious but also cost-effective

    It's important to remember that the specific benefits of an annual physical exam may vary based on individual health needs and risk factors. By openly discussing your health concerns and lifestyle with your provider, you can personalize the exam to address your unique requirements.

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Schedule Your Specialized Physical Exam Today

We are happy to provide specialized physical exams to walk-ins, but if you want faster service, you can make a reservation at one of our clinics.

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