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DOT Physical Exams on Your Schedule

Department of Transportation (DOT) physical exams verify if you’re healthy enough to operate commercial vehicles of five tons or more, and they’re an important part of keeping our roads safe.

With AdventHealth Centra Care, you don’t need a referral from a primary doctor to get a DOT physical. Just walk right in. With online reservations and morning, evening and weekend hours, we can easily fit into your schedule.

For more than four decades, our AdventHealth Centra Care clinics have been your trusted providers for urgent and walk-in health care.

DOT Physical Exam Services

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  • Same-Day DOT Physical Exams

    We pride ourselves on being flexible and available whenever you need health care services. We offer same- and next-day appointments so we can fit into your schedule.

  • Walk-Ins and Reservations

    Make a reservation in advance if you’re trying to fit your DOT physical exam in during a lunch break or other timeslot. Our reservation system makes it easy to find a nearby location, request a time to be seen and get your DOT physical completed more quickly.

  • Affordable Visits

    We know most insurance providers don’t cover DOT physical exams, so we make sure our fee is affordable. Call an AdventHealth Centra Care urgent care near you to ask about the cost of a DOT physical.

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Make an Urgent Care Reservation

Each Centra Care treats urgent, non-life-threatening medical conditions for adults and children. Many of our locations have extended hours for your convenience. Make a reservation online or walk in to a location near you.

On My Way streamlines your registration process and allows you to tell us that you are on your way. Please note, this is not scheduling an appointment or reserving a specific time. Wait times will vary because patients with the greatest medical needs will receive attention first, even if they arrive after you.

Other AdventHealth Centra Care Services

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  • Immunizations

    Whether for school, travel or flu season, we offer immunizations to get you on your way faster. Walk-ins are always welcome.

  • Sports Physical Exams

    Sports physicals are an important part of registering for participation in a new season of your favorite game. Getting checked over before you begin athletics is not only best practice, it’s also often required by your sport or organization.

  • School Physical Exams

    Some states require school districts to assess the health of their students annually. Our Centra Care clinicians ensure that getting these routine physical exams is an easy, simple step during the hectic back-to-school season.

DOT Physical Exam FAQs

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  • Question: What is a DOT physical exam?


    DOT physicals are mandated by the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) for individuals seeking to obtain or renew a commercial driver's license (CDL). The purpose is to ensure that commercial vehicle drivers are physically qualified to operate a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) safely.

    During the exam, your provider will assess various aspects of your health, including:

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    • Vision: The examiner checks the driver's vision to ensure it meets the required standards for driving
    • Hearing: The ability to perceive a whispered conversation or use of a hearing aid may be evaluated
    • Blood pressure and pulse: Vital signs are checked to ensure they fall within acceptable ranges
    • Urinalysis: A urine sample may be required to check for underlying medical conditions, such as diabetes
    • Physical examination: The examiner assesses general physical health, including the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems
    • Medical history: The driver is asked about their medical history, including any conditions or medications that may affect their ability to drive safely
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  • Question: How long does a DOT physical take?


    On average, a DOT physical exam takes about 30 minutes to an hour. You should arrive early and be prepared to provide accurate information about your medical history, medications and any other relevant health conditions.

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    Keep in mind that the physical examination itself is only one part of the overall process. Additional time may be needed for paperwork, questions about medical history and any necessary follow-up discussions with your provider.

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  • Question: Why do you need a DOT physical exam?


    The purpose of a DOT physical exam is to make sure the people driving commercial motor vehicles (CMVs), like buses, semi-trucks and other large vehicles, are physically, mentally and emotionally fit to operate heavy machinery in a professional and public setting.

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We Make Health Care Easier


Visited for employment physical. Upon arrival, I was greeted with smiles and compassion. The front desk personnel made sure I had the correct paperwork. While I was waiting, I was informed of the wait time. The front desk staff and clinical team were amazing. Thank you, Centra Care, for caring about my well-being.

Author name Asia

We Make Health Care Easier


This urgent care location is the absolute best! My wait time was super minimal. By the time I finished the paperwork, I was being called back by the nurse. Every single staff member is amazing, knowledgeable and friendly. I recommend coming here and will continue to come here for all my medical care needs.

Author name Amber

We Make Health Care Easier


I love this urgent care location! I’m at that age where urgent care is basically my primary doctor, I come here way too often. On top of the easy appointment booking process everyone that works here is kind and efficient, this is why it’s the only urgent care I go to.

Author name Tanesha

Schedule Your DOT Physical Exam Today

We are happy to provide DOT physical exams to walk-in patients, but if you want faster service, you can make a reservation at one of our clinics.

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