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Flu Test and Flu Treatment in Palm Coast

Where to get flu treatments near Orlando

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Reviewed by: Dr. Timothy Hendrix, AdventHealth Centra Care’s Medical Director

This year’s flu season is well underway, and many specialists think it will be one of the most severe flu seasons in over a decade. Here at AdventHealth, we want to have all the information you need to make the best possible decisions about your health care. To help, we’ve compiled information about the flu, including what the flu is, how it spreads, what symptoms to expect, and how to find testing and treatment. We’ve also compiled a list of Palm Coast Centra Care locations, which all offer flu tests and treatment for your convenience.

An Important Note Before You Read

Don’t use this blog as a substitute for a medical diagnosis. If you or someone you know doesn’t feel well, talk with your doctor right away. You can easily have a video visit with one of our online providers through the AdventHealth app.

A screenshot of the AdventHealth App.
A screenshot of the AdventHealth App.

Table of Contents

An Important Note Before You Read

Table of Contents

What is the Flu?

Flu Season 2022-2023 in Florida

How the Flu Spreads

How Long Is Someone With the Flu Contagious?

How to Prevent the Flu

Symptoms of the Flu

Complications From the Flu

Flu Tests in Palm Coast, Florida

Flu Treatment

Where to Get Tests and Flu Treatment in Palm Coast

Flu FAQs

Our Walk-in Clinics Are Here to Help

What is the Flu?

Influenza, more commonly known as the flu, is a very common viral infection that attacks the lungs, nose, and throat. There are several strains or types of influenza viruses. Two of these strains, influenza A and B, are responsible for the annual flu season experienced every winter in the United States.

Flu Season 2022-2023 in Florida

Palm Coast, Florida, is well into flu season this year. According to the Florida Department of Public Health, the 2022-2023 flu season began on October 2. You can see detailed statistics about Florida’s flu season and additional information on its spread at the Florida Department of Public Health website.

How the Flu Spreads

The flu spreads through respiratory droplets, which are tiny droplets of moisture that enter the air when a person with the flu sneezes, coughs, or even talks. These droplets enter the mouths or noses of those who are nearby, which allows the virus to enter the body of a new person. The flu can also spread when a person touches a surface that has the virus on it and then touches their eyes, nose, or mouth.

Woman Sneezing Outdoors
A woman sneezing outdoors.

How Long Is Someone With the Flu Contagious?

Healthy adults can be contagious for up to 7 days after they begin to experience symptoms. Children or those with weakened immune systems might be contagious for even longer. People are most contagious within the first 3-4 days after they become sick with the flu, so it is important to be especially careful during this time.

How to Prevent the Flu

The best way to prevent the flu, both for yourself and others, is to get the flu vaccine every year. Centra Care walk-in clinics have flu shots available. Washing your hands often and avoiding touching your nose, eyes, and mouth can also help prevent contracting the flu.

If you start to experience symptoms of the flu, staying home from work, activities, events, and school helps prevent the spread of the virus.

A man washing his hands in a public restroom.
A gentleman washing his hands in the public restroom

Symptoms of the Flu

Many illnesses have similar symptoms. This means it is difficult to know if your symptoms are caused by the flu, a cold, the flu, COVID-19 or allergies.

Flu Symptoms in Adults

The symptoms most frequently experienced by adults who have the flu are the following:

● Chills

● Dry Cough

● Fatigue

● Fever

● Headache

● Nasal Congestion

● Runny Nose

● Sneezing

● Sore Throat

● Shortness of Breath

● Skin Rash/Discoloration

In what may come as a surprise to many people, less-common symptoms of the flu include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and loss of taste or smell. Although it is rare, some people with flu can be asymptomatic, meaning that they have no symptoms (as with COVID-19).

Flu Symptoms in Children

In children, common flu symptoms include a high fever with chills, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, body aches, dry cough, extreme fatigue, and headaches.

Symptoms in adults and children usually begin about two days after exposure to the virus.

Coronavirus vs. Flu vs cold symptoms infographic - Adventhealth
An infographic of Coronavirus vs. Flu symptoms

Complications From the Flu

Sometimes, a flu infection can lead to complications, like pneumonia. Pneumonia is an infection that affects one or both lungs, and it can be life-threatening. Some groups of people are more likely to experience severe complications from flu infections. These groups include children 2 and younger, adults 65 and older, people who are pregnant, and residents of long-term care facilities (like nursing homes). People with chronic conditions like diabetes, liver disease, or asthma are also more likely to develop complications from flu infection.

Flu Tests in Palm Coast, Florida

If you believe you or a loved one might have a flu infection, it's important to see a physician or visit a walk-in clinic, like AdventHealth Centra Care, as early as possible. Getting a confirmed flu diagnosis means you can get treatments that can decrease the length of your illness and reduce the severity of your symptoms.

What Is a Flu Test?

A flu test is a diagnostic medical test that doctors and nurses use to determine whether a person has an active influenza infection. There are several different kinds of flu tests. The most type is called a rapid influenza diagnostic test (RIDT), which works by detecting antigens, the part of the flu virus that triggers your immune response.

A Doctor Examines Her Patient in an Exam Room while Wearing PPE

Why Should People Get Flu Tests?

A flu test is the most reliable way to determine if you are infected with the flu. This information can help you and your doctor determine the right treatments to help you feel better quickly and avoid more serious complications. This is especially important in groups that are at higher risk for complications, such as young children, older adults, and people with chronic medical conditions. Flu tests also help public health officials keep track of the spread of the virus.

How Is a Flu Test Performed at Centra Care Walk-in Clinics?

If you visit your doctor or a clinic for a flu test, you will likely be given a rapid influenza diagnostic test (RIDT). A healthcare professional will perform this test by swabbing the inside of your nose. They will then place the swab in a flu testing kit. You’ll often have your results in just a few minutes.

A Doctor Speaks to Her Patient in an Exam Room While Going Over His Charts on a Laptop.

Flu Treatment

Although getting a flu shot every year is important, it isn’t the only option when it comes to flu care. Several medications have been approved by the FDA to treat the flu. Because these medicines are more effective when taken within the first two days of contracting the flu, it is important to get tested and begin flu treatment quickly.

If you’re sick, it’s best to get tested, doctor says.

What Flu Treatments Are Available at Palm Coast Walk-In Clinics?

There are several treatment options for the flu, and it is best to consult with a medical professional to determine the most appropriate course of action. The primary treatment for influenza is antiviral drugs, which aid in the body's fight against viral infections. These drugs can mitigate the severity of symptoms and shorten the duration of the infection. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved four drugs for the treatment of influenza, including Oseltamivir Phosphate, which is commonly known by the brand name Tamiflu®.

Tamiflu® or a generic alternative can be obtained at most Centra Care locations for only $30. If you or a loved one tests positive for influenza, you can get this medication on-site, saving you an extra trip to the pharmacy.

In addition to antiviral medication, a healthcare provider may also recommend supportive care such as hydration, pain management, and fever reduction to alleviate symptoms. It is important to seek medical attention promptly, either from your doctor or at a clinic, if you are experiencing influenza-like symptoms in order to receive the appropriate treatment.

When Should I See a Doctor for Flu Symptoms?

You should see a doctor or visit a clinic within two days of experiencing symptoms of the flu. Many people assume that the flu is something that doesn’t require a visit to a healthcare professional, but in reality, the flu can be very serious.

Even if you aren’t part of a group that has a high risk of flu complications, visiting a clinic or seeing a doctor can help you feel better faster, and reduce the severity of your symptoms with antiviral flu treatments that can help you avoid severe symptoms and feel better faster.

What Are the Benefits of Getting Flu Treatment?

Getting flu treatment, like antiviral medications, can help you feel better faster, and it can reduce the severity of your symptoms. Getting treatment for the flu is particularly important for individuals with chronic medical conditions, because they are at a higher risk of severe complications like pneumonia.

If you suspect that you have contracted the flu, visit a clinic or see a healthcare professional for testing and treatment. Antiviral drugs are more effective when administered within 48 hours of symptom onset, so don’t want to see a doctor.

Woman with the flu

Where to Get Tests and Flu Treatment in Palm Coast

With more than 50 convenient locations and a wide variety of urgent care services, AdventHealth Centra Care is making it easy to get the flu tests and treatments you need. Review the list below for the nearest walk-in clinic.

Flagler County

  • Palm Coast
    1270 Palm Coast Parkway Northwest
    Palm Coast, FL 32137

Volusia County

  • Daytona
    1014 West International Speedway Boulevard
    Daytona, FL 32114

  • DeLand
    2293 South Woodland Boulevard
    DeLand, FL 32720

  • Orange City
    1360 Saxon Boulevard
    Orange City, FL 32763

  • Ormond Beach
    1245 West Granada Boulevard
    Ormond Beach, FL 32174

  • Port Orange
    1208 Dunlawton Avenue
    Port Orange, FL 32127

Seminole County

  • Altamonte Springs
    440 West State Road 436
    Altamonte Springs, FL 32714

  • Lake Mary
    2948 West Lake Mary Boulevard
    Lake Mary, FL 32746

  • Longwood
    855 North US Highway 17-92
    Longwood, FL 32750

  • Oviedo
    8010 Red Bug Lake Road
    Oviedo, FL 32765

  • Sanford
    4451 West 1st Street
    Sanford, FL 32771

Orange County

  • Apopka
    1520 West Orange Blossom Trail
    Apopka, FL 32712

  • Azalea Park
    509 South Semoran Boulevard
    Orlando, FL 32807

  • Colonial Town
    630 North Bumby Avenue
    Orlando, FL 32803

  • Conway
    5810 South Semoran Boulevard
    Orlando, FL 32822

  • Dr. Phillips
    8014 Conroy-Windermere Road, Suite 104
    Orlando, FL 32835

  • Horizon West
    9225 Miley Drive, Suite 100
    Winter Garden, FL 34787

  • Lake Buena Vista
    12500 South Apopka Vineland Road
    Orlando, FL 32836

  • Lake Nona
    9637 Lake Nona Village Place
    Orlando, FL 32827

  • Lee Road
    2540 Lee Road
    Winter Park, FL 32789

  • Ocoee
    11001 West Colonial Drive, Suite 110
    Ocoee, FL 34761

  • Sand Lake
    2301 Sand Lake Road
    Orlando, FL 32809

  • South Orange
    2609 South Orange Avenue
    Orlando, FL 32806

  • University
    11550 University Boulevard
    Orlando, FL 32817

  • Waterford Lakes
    250 North Alafaya Trail, Suite 135
    Orlando, FL 32828

  • Winter Garden
    3005 Daniels Road
    Winter Garden, FL 34787

  • Winter Park
    3099 Aloma Avenue
    Winter Park, FL 32792

Osceola County

  • Hunter's Creek
    3293 Greenwald Way North
    Kissimmee, FL 34741

  • Kissimmee
    4320 West Vine Street
    Kissimmee, FL 34746

  • Orange Lake
    8201 West Irlo Bronson Highway
    Kissimmee, FL 34747

  • Poinciana
    3759 Pleasant Hill Road
    Kissimmee, FL 34746

  • St. Cloud
    4660 13th Street
    Saint Cloud, FL 34769

Lake County

  • Clermont
    15701 State Road 50, Suite 101
    Clermont, FL 34711

  • Leesburg
    1103 North 14th Street
    Leesburg, FL 34748

  • Mount Dora
    19015 US Highway 441
    Mount Dora, FL 32757

Polk County

  • Lakeland
    3637 US Hwy 98 North
    Lakeland, FL 33809

  • Winter Haven
    7375 Cypress Gardens Boulevard
    Winter Haven, FL 33884

News 6, Centra Care partner to offer free flu shots in October

Flu FAQs

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What is the flu?

The flu is a common respiratory illness that is caused by viruses.

When should I get tested for the flu?

As soon as possible after you start to experience symptoms. Getting treated for the flu early can reduce the severity of your symptoms and reduce the duration of your illness. In addition, most antiviral flu medications are more effective if they’re taken within the first two days after symptoms begin. This is why it’s important to make an appointment with your doctor quickly or visit a Centra Care walk-in clinic near you.

Are flu tests available in Palm Coast?

Yes. Centra Care has more than 50 locations, including a walk-in clinic in Palm Coast, so you can get a rapid flu test and treatment close to you.

How are flu tests performed?

Flu tests are performed by swabbing the inside of your nose, and results are usually available within a few minutes.

Are there any treatments for the flu?

Yes, there are several treatments available for flu infections. The most common flu treatments are antiviral drugs, like Tamiflu®. In addition, pain relievers and fever reducers can help ease your symptoms.

Our Walk-in Clinics Are Here to Help

If you are experiencing symptoms of the flu, it’s important to get tested and start treatment within the first two days. Centra Care is here to help you and your loved ones through this cold and flu season. Walk in to your local Centra Care clinic or schedule an appointment today so you can get on the road to feeling better, faster.

Choose the health content that’s right for you, and get it delivered right in your inbox.

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