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If You Feel the Flu, Get Tested Quickly

If you’re experiencing flu symptoms like cough, fever, fatigue or chills, it’s important to get tested as soon as possible. Treatments are most effective when taken within the first 48 hours, and we know you want to feel better fast. The next time you’re under the weather, visit an AdventHealth Centra Care urgent care center near you for flu testing.

Convenient Rapid Flu Tests

If you think it’s the flu, go to your local AdventHealth Centra Care for the answers you need. We make it easy to care for your whole health with convenient hours for rapid flu testing, affordable costs and locations close to home.

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  • Walk-In Flu Testing

    When you’re sick and want to find out if you’re fighting the flu, convenience is more important than ever. All our AdventHealth Centra Care urgent cares serve both walk-ins and reservations for flu testing.

  • Rapid Flu Testing

    If you’re feeling flu symptoms, it’s important to get tested as soon as possible. Early testing and treatment are key to a quicker recovery. Our rapid flu tests get results in your hands in about 15 minutes. Know sooner so you can get better faster.

  • Onsite Medications

    The last thing you want to do when you’re unwell is make another trip to the pharmacy. Many of our urgent care clinics have medications onsite, saving you any additional trips. Reach out to your local AdventHealth Centra Care and see if they offer onsite medication dispensing.

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Find Flu Testing Near You

We’re open seven days a week, with evening hours, so you can get the flu testing or treatment you need when it works for you. With dozens of locations in Tampa, Kansas City, North Carolina and across Central Florida, you’ll find an AdventHealth Centra Care close to home.

Get Answers About Flu Testing

Flu season comes around every year, but that doesn’t mean you have to let influenza in the door. Get answers to the most common questions about flu testing and how we’ll help you feel better faster at AdventHealth Centra Care.

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  • Question: How is a flu test performed?


    Flu tests at our urgent care clinics are performed using a nasal swab. This is one of the most common methods for flu testing. A health care provider will insert a thin, flexible swab into your nostril and gently guide it into the back of your nose. The swab collects a sample of mucus and cells from the nasal passage and the back of the throat. This sample is then tested to see if it contains the flu virus.

  • Question: How long does a flu test take?


    Our rapid flu tests are designed to provide results relatively quickly, usually within 15 minutes.

  • Question: How long will I test positive for the flu?


    The amount of time you’ll test positive for the flu depends on several factors, including the type of flu test being used, the timing of the test relative to when you started having symptoms and your individual immune response.

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    If you're concerned about being contagious or need to know when you can return to work or school, consulting with a health care provider is a good idea. They’ll guide you based on your symptoms, the type of test you've taken and your overall health status.

    Remember that if you're feeling unwell or have flu-like symptoms, you should take precautions like staying home, hand-washing or wearing a mask to prevent the spread of illness to others.

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Your Compassionate Local Urgent Care


The front desk was very efficient and got me in quickly to see a provider. The nurse and provider explained everything very thoroughly, and I left with everything I needed to get better.

Author name Kayla W.

Your Compassionate Local Urgent Care


Can’t say enough great things about this facility! I didn’t realize my appointment was booked at a different location, and they were able to fit me in within 10 minutes of my original appointment at the other location.

Author name Meghan M.

Your Compassionate Local Urgent Care


Centra Care was faster than I expected, considering I normally wait past my appointment time to even be moved to the back. The staff was very kind and friendly, from check in to the physician assistant who treated me. Thank you for making it easy for someone on their lunch break to get back to work quickly!

Author name Natalie V.

Schedule Your Flu Test Today

Walk-in flu testing is always available, but if you’d prefer to schedule a time to come in, make a reservation at your neighborhood AdventHealth Centra Care.

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